Anna Tewes

Anna’s Paper Collages are created using handmade international papers. She cuts, tears, and layers papers together and then uses archival paste’s to create her images. At times she incorporates acrylic painting and pencil to enhance areas of the pieces

The handmade papers used in the collages are mostly made from plant fibers and come from cottage industries around the world. Many of the textures and colors of the papers being from natural sources seem to blend well with home building materials such as granite, wood and marble.

Anna has been working in paper collage for many years. Her paper collage ideas began as a bulletin board for her classroom when teaching kindergarten. She has worked in pastels, watercolor, stenciling, hand weaving, printmaking and flower design. She is also trained as a graphic artist. Anna is a member of the Corvallis Art Guild and exhibits her work at fine art fairs and galleries.

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Camelias B - Anna Tewes

Camelias B

Floating Flowers - Anna Tewes

Floating Flowers

Love Letters - Anna Tewes

Love Letters