Gerald L. Hunsucker

I am a self taught woodworker. I use a variety of hand tools to mill lumber such as Japanese pull saws, hand planes, chisels, router planes, marking knives, marking gauges etc. I make many of the tools I use to do my work, as some of the techniques require tools not available in any venue.

The main focus of my work is resurrecting the almost lost art of fine hand joinery and woodworking. I specialize in hand cut joints such as box joints, dovetails, half blind dovetails, full blind dovetails, and ship lap joints. In all cases these joints have tolerances of .003″ or less. I’m currently honing my skills in the ancient Japanese tradition of Sashimono that includes the above mentioned joints and expands on them in some very interesting ways. Some of the joints I’m working at perfecting are impossible to do with any machine and require no glue or fasteners to hold them together.

All of the items you see in my display are entirely hand made from exotic and local hardwoods with the greatest care given to the perfection of the joinery. The hand rubbed finish is my own formula, made from walnut oil and beeswax. Many of the boxes are made with my Invisio Hinge – a completely wooden hinge inlaid into the back of the box and designed to be almost invisible when closed. In the case of the light boxes, I design and make the stained glass as well as the box.

I am currently also taking requests for commissioned works
Gerald L. Hunsucker – Woodwright