John Boock

John Boock

Except for my birth year in Galveston, Texas, I am a lifelong resident of Albany, Oregon. I grew up in, and raised my family in, a historic Craftsman Bungalow home very near downtown Albany and my law office was located in various places of downtown. Several years ago my daughter, Amy, and her family happily took over the reins of the “family home”; so where did I go but to a historic Albany historic commercial building, where I renovated the large second story into a “downtown loft” wherein I have incorporated my art work and the works of many others, together with antiquated and “re-purposed items.”

Although I have no formal art training, I have a strong interest in artistic creativity which I first acquired during a six month living experience in the art community of Carmel, California. I have displayed my work in numerous galleries and,in the seventies, I was co-owner of the Clay and Canvas Gallery located in the newly remodeled and restored Flynn Building. I was also involved in the original Albany Arts Guild, which at the time, among other things, operated an art gallery in the “Fireplace” room of the Albany downtown Carnegie Library.

I do my artwork primarily as a personal visual diary of my various sights and observations of colors and forms, constituted primarily of colors melded together without boundaries and items enhanced by the patina of time and history. I also incorporate into my work items and objects which have outlived their original intended functional purpose and which, in my view, have evolved into objects of artistic and aesthetic enjoyment.


Alsea River Mountain Side - John Boock

Alsea River Mountain Side


Loft Bird - John Boock

Little Bird


Valley Autumn - John Boock

Valley Autumn