Cheryl French

Cheryl French

I am a printmaker and a painter, living and working in Albany. My favorite medium is printmaking. I love printmaking because the printing process often alters a painting in unexpected ways, adding an element of surprise to every image. The printmaking process also allows an artist to experiment with different variations of the same image, and to build a painting layer by layer, adding depth and richness.

Four years ago, I painted the three murals in the Children’s Room of the Albany Library. These three murals, painted around ten foot columns, are intended to inspire children with ideas about all the stories they can read, all the places they can go, all the wonders they can explore through the world of books. Recently, I added three additional column murals to the Children’s Room, comparing a child’s height to the height of animals and historical figures, showing the birds of the Willamette and exploring how colors mix.

I began studying art in my thirties, while working as a labor union lawyer. I studied drawing and painting at the Seattle Academy of Fine Art, and printmaking at the University of Washington Extension Program and Sev Shoon, in Seattle. I have also studied painting with Ian Roberts and Michael Howard.

In addition to working on my own art, I teach art to school children, through the Artist-in-Residence Program and the Art Center’s Globetrotters. Currently, I coordinate the Arts Center’s At-Risk Youth Education program. I enjoy working with students. It is fun seeing their excitement when they try something new, and I often get ideas for my own work from working with them.

Making art helps me to stop and look and see the beauty in the world. Some days, it is only those intense moments of beauty that make life possible.


Calla Lilies in Spring - Cheryl French

Calla Lilies in Spring

Cheryl French - Clear Lake Fall

Clear Lake Fall


Cheryl French - Roses in Sunlight

Roses in Sunlight