Dennis Johanson

Thirty-six years ago I took my first pottery class at Linn Benton Community College. Five years later I taught beginning pottery at Oregon State University Craft Center. I soon began assisting the Staff by loading and unloading the electric and gas kilns. After 3 years I became the Kiln Master and continued teaching.

While taking time off to raise a family, I experimented with Porcelain, Raku, Low Fire Earthenware, and High Fire Stoneware. I progressed into mastering glazes and have created several glazes of my own.

I retired 5 years ago from OSU and now enjoy throwing, glazing, and firing a wide variety of clay bodies in my own studio. I hope you enjoy the Stoneware and Porcelain as much as I enjoy creating it.

Dennis Johansen - Vivid Blue Bowl


Dennis Johansen - Green Bowl


Dennis Johansen - Mango and Black Bowl