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October Reception

Come enjoy our First Friday reception October 4 with Featured Artists, Susan Bourdet and Pat Spark. The event is from 6 till 8 pm and includes complimentary refreshments. Also, Gallery Calapoooia’s newest member artist, Bill Origer, will be showing his photography.

"Cedar Waxwing" by Susan Bourdet

“Cedar Waxwing” by Susan Bourdet

"Collage Scarf with Hand Printing and Painting" by Pat Spark

“Collage Scarf with Hand Printing and Painting” by Pat Spark

"South Santiam River" by Bill Origer

“South Santiam River” by Bill Origer

Artist Demonstrations During December

Visit Gallery Calapooia on the first three Saturdays of December to watch demonstrations on how three of the GC artists make some of their artwork.
All three demos will take place from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm.
December 1 – Ceramic artist, Dennis Johanson, will show how he throws pots on his potters wheel.
December 8 – Cheryl French will demonstrate designing, carving and printing linoleum block prints.
December 15 – Felt maker, Pat Spark, will show how she makes felt version of Scandinavian Gnomes.

After watching the demos, step inside the gallery to see other work by these artists and the 17 other artists.

First Friday Reception – October 6

For August, Gallery Calapooia’s featured artists are Pat Spark and Linda J. Herd.

Pat has been making felt for over 30 years and has been a watercolorist for about the same amount of time, but it’s only in the last few years that she has been combining the two.  That is, taking concepts from her painting, and applying those concepts to her feltmaking. The result is the watercolor series.  Felts that are conceptually similar to watercolors, but which are totally made of dyed fiber.  There is no actual painting involved, unless you consider the placement of each individual colored fiber as “painting” with the fiber.  With these works, she creates rich backgrounds and uses those backgrounds to help define the foregrounds.  By themselves, the foregrounds would be flat, but by making the backgrounds visually exciting, the foregrounds are enriched.

Linda States: “Inspiration for my designs comes from materials, environments, and lifestyles. The influences of the urban sophistication of New York and the natural beauty of Oregon combine to give my work a distinctive look. My studies in architecture and urban design have taught me the impact detail has on style. It is my firm belief that jewelry should make a statement, not a suggestion; my designs reflect that principle in their boldness of scale, texture, and color.

Design has its challenges, including learning new skills and incorporating new materials. The ever escalating cost of silver has prompted me to start using copper and other metals. I am inspired by the work artists, architects, and designers such as Alexander Calder. Charles Rennie Macintosh,. and William Morris. Learning new techniques and skills brings a fresh perspective to my work. I look forward to adding even more creative skills to my design catalogue.

Come join the fun at the First Friday Reception with wine, beer an appetizers, and meet the artists.

Reception, Friday Oct. 9, Featured – Pat Spark and Mary Lou Boydston

Pat Spark Scarves

Scarves by Pat Spark

Mary Lou Boydston

Agatized Wood with Copper by Mary Lou Boydston

Gallery Calapooia Featured Artists- Sept. 29-Oct. 24, 2015,
Reception Friday, Oct. 9, 6:00 – 8:00

Both Mary Lou Boydston and Pat Spark love nature and use nature in its many forms as the creative force for their art work.  In this exhibit, “Perfectly Natural”, the two artists are working with nature in some very specific ways.  Mary Lou Boydston is a metalsmith.  For her, the process of making jewelry begins with the stone. She loves working with Oregon stones such as Polka Dot Agate and Owyhee Jasper. She gets her inspiration from the stone itself, using them to help her to decide which metal is best suited for color and texture. Then she works this metal in various ways to bring the stone to a pleasing and useful design.  She has lived in Oregon for much of her life and she feels the Willamette Valley is a special place to create her art.  She draws on her love of this place and the rocks she finds here as her inspiration.

Pat Spark is working with a softer form of nature. This is using pigments from nature to create color on her textiles.  In this exhibit, she is using two natural pigment dyeing techniques. One is using leaves from nature to do contact printing onto cloth.  With pressure, steam and time, the pigments from leaves are transferred to the cloth, leaving their impression behind.  Spark gathers these leaves on trips around the Willamette Valley- the birch leaves from her doctor’s parking lot, the smoke bush leaves from a fellow artist’s yard, etc. Not all leaves will give pigment, so it is a game to be played with nature- What will these leaves do? What about those? Ms. Spark also uses pigments obtained from the plants by cooking them in water, creating a dye.  While most of these dyes are made with local plants, some such as indigo and eucalyptus, are ancient dyes grown in other parts of the world.

Boydston and Spark are excited to show you their new creative work and hope to see you at their reception at the gallery on Oct. 9 between 6:00 and 8:00.