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Melissa Babcock Saylor and Linda Herd are the featured artists for September at Gallery Calapooia.

The show runs from August 31 to September 25.   With a reception (low key) on September 3rd.

They are calling this show: “Tell me a Story.”  All or most of the artwork will feature books or tell a story.
The idea came up a few months ago as the two artists were once again discussing books they had recently read. 

They both love to read and thought people might be interested in a show all about books and the love of reading and story telling.
Babcock Saylor works in cut paper and collage.  Most of these new pieces have been made with paper she painted using her Gelli plate. The use of a Gelli plate is a form of printing with acrylic paint. You roll out paint on to a gel type surface and then lay the paper down and rub with your hands.  When you lift the paper up, you have your print.  You can print color and images over and over again. But, no two are alike.

Babcock Saylor also has a new book she has illustrated available at the gallery, called “Spacely”. During the reception she will be signing books.

Herd considers herself an aspiring metalsmith, working with sterling (an alloy consisting of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper or other metal) and fine silver (99.9% silver), copper, brass, and aluminum. During the Covid-19 shutdown, she found inspiration for new designs using metal stamps. The stamps, hand-made in the U.S., are used to create designs that tell stories with images and words. Mountains, farms, roads, gardens, and other scenes emerge as the stamps are used to enhance the metalsmithing skills Herd has been honing over the last 15 years.

Herd describes what she does as rewarding, saying,

“Metalsmithing is like making magic. You start with a piece of sheet metal or wire and, after annealing (heating the metal to a temperature that makes it more malleable), hammering, stamping, oxidizing, and polishing, it becomes a piece of jewelry that someone will love. When one puts on a piece of jewelry, it’s the beginning of a story that tells a bit about the person wearing it. We express ourselves by the way we dress. The colors and accessories we choose say something about our emotions, passions, and our place in the world. My joy comes from creating a design that speaks to someone and makes them want to have it in their life.”

Sybaris Bistro
Mary Ridler will be showing at Sybaris for the month of August and September. 
442 W 1st Ave, Albany, OR 97321 

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