We are a cooperative gallery of 21 local artists, showcasing fine artwork in historic downtown Albany, Oregon.

Our regular hours are 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday-Friday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, and by appointment. 

Featured Artists

Our Featured Artists for the month of June are Carol Houk and Steve Terhune. Their show runs from Tuesday, May 28 through Saturday, June 22, with a reception Friday, June 7 from 6:00-8:00 p.m. 

More from Carol about her new work:

Most everyone has an alter-ego. Who or what is yours? A superhero? A wild animal? A villain? Someone from the past… or the future, maybe. All you really need is a costume and… a mask.

Masks have a long and varied history, but they most likely started out with a religious or other ceremonial purpose. They were used in healing and funeral rituals. As armor they were used for face protection in combat, and in more recent wars they’ve protected against toxic gases. Any number of characters could be portrayed using masks in the early the theater. This was key since only men were allowed to perform in the theater, so they played both male and female parts. With a mask comes power and mystery. At grand balls a tryst between lovers could be arranged incognito. Movie villains and superheroes wear masks to hide their true identity.

I love dressing up for Halloween or some other costumed event as an adult, with my alter-ego leaning toward the femme fatale or mysterious sorceress side. But, when I was in the 2nd grade, my teacher had us make paper mâché masks for Halloween as an art project. I recalled the process being messy and fun. Flash forward 60 years, and the kid in me decided to try it again. But this time the paper mâché mask was used as a mold to make a cast of my face which could be used in the kiln at glass slumping temperatures (1240 °F). It was quite a process, but it worked!

My wall this month will feature the masks I’ve created using glass and a few other materials for embellishments. Many are wearable…at least they are if your head is similar in size to mine, and some are purely wall art. But, in any case, I hope you’ll find them fun and entertaining.

More about Steve’s new work, “Under the Sea”: 

The sea teems with life, from microscopic plankton to massive whales. It hosts diverse ecosystems, including coral reefs, kelp forests, and deep-sea habitats. The ocean’s health directly impacts the well-being of all living organisms on earth.

My earliest memories are from spending endless summers on the beach and exploring tidal pools. I was raised on the West coast, from Orange County, California to Seattle, Washington and every place in-between. I was afforded the opportunity to get in touch with this vast expanse of water and was raised to appreciate the immense power it holds.

The sea inspires a lot of my art… ocean sunsets, big waves, and the diverse colorful life found there. This study in glass is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to life under water, but I feel the diverse color spectrum of sea creatures lends itself to this craft. I have chosen subjects that are pleasing to the eye or express emotion through their features.


Artwork at Sybaris Bistro

Bill Thompson will feature selections of his unique layered cut vinyl artwork for the month of June at Sybaris.

An eclectic Pacific Northwest Bistro, Sybaris is dedicated to bringing the best of Oregon to the table. Located at 442 W 1st Ave in downtown Albany, across from the historic Carousel. 
(541) 928-8157 for reservations (recommended)

Galleries from Salem to Eugene

Take a look at the Art Map of galleries in the Mid-Willamette Valley along the I-5 corridor. You can get a great new paper version of the map at Gallery Calapooia.

Gift Registry and Gift Certificates

Keep in mind that Gallery Calapooia offers gift certificates if you don’t know exactly what to get for your friends or loved ones. We also offer a gift registry for those of you who really know what you (or a loved one) want from the gallery and would like to be able to stop dropping hints! In addition, we have a great selection of artist made cards and we can wrap your gift for you, to make gift-giving for any occasion easy on you — and as unique as the gift recipient!

Artist Membership

Although all of our artist openings are currently filled by wonderfully talented local artists, Gallery Calapooia maintains a continuing process to consider new artists to be a part of the gallery. All applications are juried by committee (see links below):

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Gallery Calapooia is a 501(c)(3) organization.

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Gallery Calapooia Inc. receives support from the Oregon Arts Commission,
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