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Instumental Veggies - Anna Harris

Instumental Veggies


As an anxious child, my mother gave me crayons and paper to occupy me; when paper was not readily accessible, napkins at restaurants, rocks on the ground, or cardboard pieces often became my support for an outlet. Today, I still love to create and often times will use whatever medium comes handy. My work tends to relate to organic surroundings and living in Oregon, where the rain is plentiful, I find it easy to appreciate all that grows around me. Nature contains such wonderful textures and colors, the true extracts of life. I often choose to portray natural elements inspired by nature‚Äôs forms as well as the oddities within myself wholly interpreted through a composition of its own natural essence.


Her Red Accent - Anna Harris

Her Red Accent


Continuous Evolution - Anna Harris

Continuous Evolution


Kenzie - Anna Harris