Mixed Media

“Birthing the Self” by Koka Filipovic

Far from being a catch-all, the category of Mixed Media applies to those artists whose vision extends beyond what a single medium can offer. (In truth, most of our member artists work in “mixed media” – whether through expansion of their skills and interests, or the natural demands of a particular piece.) Koka Filipovic’s work exemplifies this multi-faceted approach, as she paints, draws, finds, layers, and decorates her way to creating stunning pieces rich with color, texture, and shimmer.

“Longhouse, OSU” by Bill Marshall

Perhaps it’s not applicable to categorize Bill Marshall‘s work as mixed media, since each individual piece is typically a single approach. But it’s almost certain that no other artists in our cooperative regularly work across as wide a variety of media as Bill does. Block printing, pen and ink, acrylic, pastel, watercolor, field sketches – Bill is comfortable capturing scenes from intimate natural settings to downtown streets using whatever media seems best for each.