Marilyn Lindsley Jewelry
Jewelry by Marilyn Lindsley

There’s no gift quite like something that the recipient can wear whenever they wish! And the three jewelers / metalworkers who we proudly claim as members of the gallery create some very different, very unique, and very wonderful jewelry! Marilyn Lindsley’s work features a marriage of polymer clays and finely milled metalwork, resulting in a jaw-dropping amount of detail and colors in such small work!

Bracelets by Lori Garcy

Lori Garcy has been experimenting with metalworking for many years, and her constantly-evolving work shows both her experience and her drive to develop new techniques and styles! Working in both raw metals and precious metal clays, she achieves pieces that express warmth and refinement, and a lot of fun added for good measure.

Silver Tree by Linda Herd

Linda Herd has a dedicated collection of repeat customers, and it’s easy to see why when you look at her work! Primarily working in stamped metal, she creates a wide range of styles at a great value to the shopper. She also creates custom work by arrangement, so if by chance you have something in mind that isn’t already in her display, you just might be able to work together to make it a reality!