Nancy Anderson
Susan Bourdet
Cindy Conder
Cheryl French
Lori Garcy
Anna Harris
Linda J. Herd
Dennis Johanson
J. J. Jones
Marjorie Kinch
Marilyn Lindsley
John Mikkelson
Karen Miller
Rachel Oehler
Bill Origer
Sharon Poppleton
Mary Ridler
Shannon Ross
Melissa Babcock Saylor
Pat Spark
Steve Terhune
Bill Thompson

Artists Invited to Apply for Membership

Artists , particularly those creating three-dimensional artwork, are welcome to apply.
Acceptance for membership includes:

  • $150 one-time membership fee
  • $50/month
  • work two shifts at 4 hours/shift each month
  • participate on at least one committee
  • consignment fee of 20% of sales goes to gallery, 80% to artist

Artist Application form for membership in Gallery Calapooia
Membership and application information