John Mikkelson

Keepsake Box in Mahogany and Douglas-fir

A lifelong artist, John’s selection of wood as a medium came after years of admiring and showcasing the beauty of wood
as a finish carpenter. He now specializes in making boxes in his North Albany shop, using a wide variety of woods and an
ever-growing range of designs, from simple to ornate. In particular, he seeks out beautiful local/native woods, both to
feature our region and to reduce the carbon footprint in his works.
Dovetailed Candle Holder in Oregon White Oak and Black Walnut

Not one to discard beautiful wood, John experiments with ways to use even the smallest of pieces, which you’ll see
reflected in his selections here. He strives for clean, classic designs, fine craftsmanship, and finishes that feel as good as
they look.
Hand-cut dovetail detail
Jewelry Box in Figured Maple and Cherry

An accomplished furniture designer/maker, John is also looking forward to featuring new pieces here at Gallery
Calapooia, and is available for custom work. You are certain to find years of enjoyment from using his works in your daily
life; that’s what they’re intended to do.
Louvered Candle Holder in Walnut