Nuthatches by Susan Bourdet

Susan Bourdet’s work can be found in a lot of places these days – her calendars are sold at retailers throughout the country! So it’s pretty neat that we (and you, the shoppers!) get to see and appreciate her original work as a member of Gallery Calapooia. In addition to originals, she has a wide selection of limited edition and open edition prints available, and of course you can choose a lovely calendar or two while you’re in the gallery as well!

Another View by Marjorie Kinch

Based on the variety of work she has on display at the gallery, Marjorie Kinch has yet to meet a subject she isn’t excited to capture, using her wonderfully layered approach to watercolor painting! From landscapes both night and day, to richly expressive intimate florals, Marjorie produces pieces that will draw oooohs and aahhhs from viewers, both here at the gallery and in your home or business!