Nancy Anderson

My lifelong interest in letterforms started when I was beginning to learn cursive
handwriting in elementary school. I took my first calligraphy class at Colby College
where I was an art major.
I continued my studies with the wonderful calligrapher Allen Wong at OSU where I
graduated with a BFA in graphic design. I have been taking classes and workshops for
40 years and am always delighted to learn a new technique, discover a new tool and
meet others who love letters as much as I do.
I started exhibiting my work locally in 1997.

Words are the launching pad for my work. I collect inspiring quotes, meaningful
phrases and fun words that speak to my heart. I play with the words, writing them over
and over until I am saturated with them and their meanings. By doing that, I discover
what tool and media I should use to support the meaning of the words. My intention is
that there will be a strong connection between what the words mean and the way I
have presented them.

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