Linda J. Herd

Linda J. Herd

Inspiration for my designs comes from materials, environments, and lifestyles. The influences of the urban sophistication of New York and the natural beauty of Oregon combine to give my work a distinctive look. My studies in architecture and urban design have taught me the impact detail has on style. It is my firm belief that jewelry should make a statement, not a suggestion; my designs reflect that principle in their boldness of scale, texture, and color.

Design has its challenges, including learning new skills and incorporating new materials. The ever escalating cost of silver has prompted me to start using copper and other metals. I am inspired by the work artists, architects, and designers such as Alexander Calder. Charles Rennie Macintosh,. and William Morris. Learning new techniques and skills brings a fresh perspective to my work. I look forward to adding even more creative skills to my design catalogue.


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Fine Silver Cuff - Linda J. Herd

Fine Silver Cuff

Sea Stars 001 - Linda J. Herd

Copper Sea Star Pendants


Turquoise N002 - Linda J. Herd

Atta’ Turq Necklace