Bill Marshall

Bill has a love of art, science, and the outdoors.  An important inspiration for much of his work has been exploring the waters of the Pacific Northwest with fly rod, sketchbook and camera in hand.  And if the fish aren’t biting, he breaks out the paints. 

“I always feel a strong connection to my surroundings while drawing in nature, however, almost anything; an interesting leaf, a winding trail, the vast Willamette Valley landscape, an Albany street scene, the fly I just tied, or the view out the kitchen window can become the subject for the next painting or drawing. I believe the more one paints, the more one finds inspiration in a variety of subjects, all having a personal experience to be shared.”

For Bill, sometimes a medium alone can stimulate the inspiration to experiment:  Acrylic, watercolor, gouache, and casein for painting–graphite, pen and ink, soft and oil pastels, charcoal, and colored pencils for drawing .  The choice of the medium is dictated by the subject, and the emotion felt at the moment.

“I have recently been using ink washes for value studies in monochrome to use later as references for more finished works.  It’s a traditional medium that is a wonderful bridge between painting and drawing, and an excellent discipline for seeing the values of colors, and simplifying the process of composing, especially while out in the field”.

Bill and his family have made their home in Albany for nearly 40 years.