Jewelry Box in Mahogany and Bigleaf Maple, by John Mikkelson

Our gallery features two woodworkers who both heavily feature the beautiful woods that are native to the Pacific Northwest, and yet their works have virtually no overlap from one to the other! John Mikkelson has been a professional woodworker in some fashion for over 20 years, creating a wide variety of items from the smallest bookmark or finely crafted bud vase, to precision-crafted jewelry boxes and custom furniture. The things he makes are designed for regular use on a daily basis, and are constantly changing as he continues to dream up new designs!

Photo of a turned vessel made from apple wood, with a narrow opening
Apple wood hollow vessel by Dick Powell

Dick Powell has a lifetime of experience in the forests around Corvallis, having spent a career with Starker Forests before his recent retirement. But it’s obvious by his work that he didn’t just recently pick up woodturning as a hobby! He works with wood that is almost always an off-cut, or scrap, or something someone gave him, salvaging the most beautiful pieces of useful art from what might have otherwise gone to rot, or into a wood stove. Dick is another of our artists who continually strives to employ new approaches and techniques to expand his skills and portfolio, so if you think you’ve seen the full range of his work on one visit to the gallery, you’re likely to be pleasantly surprised on return visits!