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First Friday Reception, “Two Artists, Many Layers” – Marilyn Lindsley and Bill Thompson

Jeweler Marilyn Lindsley of Corvallis and vinyl artist Bill Thompson of Albany will be the featured artists during June at Gallery Calapooia, 222 First Ave. W. in downtown Albany. Their show, “Two Artists, Many Layers” will highlight the ways that they both work with layers to create their art.

Marilyn LindsleyLindsley will show a new line of her jewelry, which is a departure from the polymer clay
designs she has created for more than 20 years. She creates surface designs using layers of
clay with various textures and pigments but now adds aluminum bezels to the clay pieces.
The bezels are machined using computer-aided design software. The new work represents
layers of technology supporting layers of polymer clay art.

Bill Thompson
Thompson uses layers of thin sheet vinyl to create fine art images. He discovered the
process while attempting to cut a stencil for a multi-color screen print. Because accurate
alignment of each layer is critical, each picture is limited to 4 or 5 colors.

An artists’ reception from 6 to 8 p.m. Friday, June 2, will feature the work of Lindsley and
Thompson, as well as 18 other mid-valley artists. Wine, beer and snacks will be served.
Gallery Calapooia is in its fourth year of operation. Gallery hours are 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Tuesday through Saturday. The gallery is a nonprofit organization and donations to it are tax deductible.

Bill Thompson Exhibit at City Hall in August

In the July Gallery Calapooia Newsletter that went out today, the wrong location was given for Bill Thompson’s August Exhibit. The show will be at Albany City Hall, not the main library as stated in the newsletter. Please stop by City Hall to enjoy Bill’s layered vinyl and copper repousse artwork during August.

Bill Thompson - A Splash of Color

“A Splash of Color” by Bill Thompson

Downtown Twice Around Parade

Downtown Twice Around Parade

Gallery Calapooia artists, (l – r) Nancy Anderson, Bill Thompson, Cheryl French, Melissa Saylor,and Lynn Powers, preparing for Albany’s Downtown Twice Around Parade.

Five Gallery Calapooia artists, Nancy Anderson, Bill Thompson, Cheryl French, Melissa Saylor, and Lynn Powers, participated in the Downtown Twice Around Parade this past weekend. They entertained parade watchers with their precision portrait drill routine.

Happy Halloween!

Below are some images from Gallery Calapooia during last Friday’s Albany Trick or Treat. (Photos courtesy of Graham and Nancy Anderson)
Trick or Treaters received some very special treats – hand-painted sketches of their costumes by Cheryl French, their names in calligraphy by Nancy Anderson, or images in vinyl by Bill Thompson.

Cheryl French

Cheryl French, paintbrush in hand

Nancy Anderson with a steady hand on her calligraphy

Nancy Anderson with a steady hand on her calligraphy

Bill Thompson

Bill Thompson and his vinyl artwork

John Spark

John handing out candy treats

Cheryl French

Costume in watercolor by Cheryl French

Nancy Anderson

Nancy and daughter, Ursula the Sea Witch

Bill Thompson

Bill Thompson in his second costume!

Bill Thompson Artwork at Albany City Hall

Albany City Hall

Albany City Hall

Bill Thompson has a solo exhibition of his unique vinyl artwork at the City Hall in Albany throughout March. The lower level display includes over 20 new layered vinyl pieces created specially for the show. In addition, some of Bill’s older acrylic “Pop Art” portraits are displayed on the upper level.

Bill Thompson


Bill Thompson

Featured Artists – Ed Hodney and Bill Thompson

Featured Artists - Ed Hodney and Bill Thompson

Featured Artists – Bill Thompson and Ed Hodney

For the next month, Ed Hodney and Bill Thompson are the featured artists in Gallery Calapooia. Their work is in one of the front windows and at the entrance to the gallery.

Ed’s photographs are primarily of beautiful Oregon landscapes along with his more abstract vertical piece composed of four images. See if you can figure out the subject.
(Ed’s gallery page – http://www.gallerycalapooia.com/artists/ed-hodney/)

Bill’s layered vinyl images have a variety of subjects with an amazing amount of intricate detail for artwork created using thin pieces of cut vinyl.
(Bill’s gallery page – http://www.gallerycalapooia.com/artists/bill-thompson/)

Stop by the gallery to get an up close look at Ed’s and Bill’s artwork and a variety of work by our seventeen other gallery artists.