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August Reception – Cindy Conder and Lori Garcy

Come enjoy our reception on Friday, August 2 with Featured Artists, Cindy Conder and Lori Garcy. The event goes from 6 till 8 pm and includes hors d’ouevres, wine and beer.

“Ebb and Flow 2019”

“Life and nature ebbs and flows and as we create art, it also ebbs and flows over time. As time goes on, we come back to the art we used to do and then we create new things that help us move forward.  The show will explore the movement of our creativity from past to future, the ebb and flow of our work.”

“There is a constant conflict within my mind.
The engineer in me wants everything under control, clean and neat.
The artist in me wants more movement and flow.
This past year I have been working toward that flow.
I’ve been working on wave forms, mixing colors, and allowing more organic shapes, and trying to get the glass to move, or give the impression of movement, so many of my newer pieces have a more organic look and feel. I’m hoping the viewer will be drawn into the piece, and notice the movement within.”
— Cindy Conder

Cindy Conder - "Tree"

“Tree” by Cindy Conder – Fused Glass


For many years, Lori has collected stones and rocks from wherever she has traveled.  She has collected sapphires from Montana, Herkimer diamonds from New York, rubies from India, petrified food from Michigan, amber from Russia, Jade from China, sunstone from Oregon and stones from many more places.  Her collection has grown but stayed hidden until now.

For the August “Ebb and Flow” show, Lori decided to return to some of the traditional metalsmithing she did in the past and use some of the stones she has collected to create her new work.   Much thought has gone into the creation of each piece and she hopes people will enjoy her “stones” as much as she has.

Necklace by Lori Garcy

Necklace by Lori Garcy

August First Friday Reception – Born in Fire

Featured for August are glass artist, Cindy Conder,  and sculptor and jewelry artist, Lori Garcy. Come see their individual work and the beautiful new collaborative pieces that they have created together at the August First Friday Reception, August 3 from 6:00 – 8:00pm.

Born in Fire

Being an artist is mostly a solitary venture.  Artist work alone in their studios thinking about, designing and making their art.  Rarely do they get the opportunity to collaborate with other artists.

Cindy and Lori decided to take on the challenge of creating art together that combined Cindy’s glass pieces with Lori’s metal work.  Out of this collaboration some very beautiful pieces were designed and created.

Both mediums have limitations that required both artists to be flexible.  Lori asked Cindy to make pieces in a certain form and then created the metal sections.  Both artists went back and forth making suggestions on how it could be better.  Not all the suggestions would work because of the uniqueness of the glass and metal.

Their first collection of pieces will be shown at Gallery Calapooia during the month of August.  They hope to continue their collaboration in the future.

Glass Art by Cindy Conder

Glass Art by Cindy Conder


Copper/mixed media art by Lori Garcy

Copper/Mixed Media Art by Lori Garcy

Glass and Copper Collaboration by Cindy Conder and Lori Garcy

Glass and Copper Collaboration by Cindy Conder and Lori Garcy

Glass and Copper Collaboration by Cindy Conder and Lori Garcy

Glass and Copper Collaboration by Cindy Conder and Lori Garcy